FIH have signed a digital partnership deal with Little Dot Studios ©Little Dot Studios

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) have announced a digital partnership agreement with Little Dot Studios.

The FIH say the two-year deal will "amplify the sport's reach" by using thousands of hours of digital content to celebrate hockey's history and bring stories to life.

The agreement is seen as a key to maximise engagement with this year's premier hockey events including the Hockey World Cups and Hockey Champions Trophies.

Little Dot Studios have worked with various sporting governing bodies in the past, including the English Football Association, the England and Wales Cricket Board and Formula E.

FIH TV and broadcast director Andy Oram said the new partnership was vital for the growth of hockey.

"This partnership with Little Dot Studios represents a step change in the way we approach our digital broadcast strategy and the importance of leveraging our own channels," he said.

The agreement is designed to extend hockey's reach around the world ©Getty Images
The agreement is designed to extend hockey's reach around the world ©Getty Images

"For the first time our content will be amplified to a global audience through the expertise and creativity provided by Little Dot Studios.

"By increasing engagement in our content and subsequently our reach across FIH digital channels, this partnership represents a crucial component of our Hockey Revolution strategy's aim of generating millions more followers across the world."

Little Dot Studios managing director Wayne Davison added: "We're thrilled to be working with one of the planet's most action-packed sports at a very exciting time for the game.

"Hockey has an exceptionally compelling story to tell, whether through the skills and athleticism of the players on the field, or the unique and inspiring characters off it.

"The FIH are looking to the future of the sport and, together, we have the opportunity to deliver the very best content for both hockey's loyal followers and millions more sports fans globally, who, our experience shows, will love this truly dynamic sport."