altMAY 8 – BRITISH ATHLETICS has benefited from the London Olympic “effect” by signing another major sponsorship deal just a month after getting £50 million backing from Norwich Union. Vonage, an Internet telephone company, have signed up to become the official telecoms sponsor to UK Athletics and will set up Team Vonage to financially support a group of elite stars tipped for success in 2012.


“We believe there is great potential in British athletes and look forward to providing support and sharing their successes with them,” said Kerry Ritz, the managing director of Vonage UK. “One of the reasons we chose to support UK Athletics is because we feel particularly close to this sport as we share similar elements to the sport: drive, speed, reliability, honesty, ambition and constantly striving to be the best are values that are close to our heart.”

The agreement will see Vonage at many of the UK Athletics premier televised meetings across the year including the Norwich Union Grand Prix at Crystal Palace, European Trials and other international meets.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with a brand so dedicated to innovative technology,” said Adam, the deputy chief executive of UK Athletics. “Vonage will support our athletes by providing them with the resource to stay close to those important to them whether it be a coach, agent or family member, whilst competing as part of the GB team.”