Taipei 2017 is the biggest sporting event to take place in Taiwan ©Getty Images

Internet giant Google has revealed that the most searched for word in Taiwan this year is "Universiade".

The announcement comes after the country hosted this year's Summer Universiade in capital city Taipei.

Taking place between August 19 and 30, it was the biggest sporting event ever held in Taiwan.

It attracted 145 countries with nearly 8,000 athletes competing across 21 sports.

The Universiade, the flagship event of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), hold Summer and Winter editions every two years.

FISU President Oleg Matysin praised Taipei 2017 after the event and said the city had given many athletes "the best moments of their lives".

However, there was noteworthy controversy when the Opening Ceremony was disrupted by protesters.

Yang Chun-han was among the most searched-for athletes ©Getty Images
Yang Chun-han was among the most searched-for athletes ©Getty Images

Disturbances outside Taipei Stadium saw 128 protesters surround the arena to show their disapproval over pension reforms, blocking athletes from entering.

In the absence of some of the teams, volunteers paraded the national flags until local authorities could deal with the situation and allow the athletes to enter the stadium.

Three people have now been charged by prosecutors. 

Universiade was also the year's most searched-for issue in Taiwan with sprinter Yang Chun-han, tennis player Jason Jung and basketball player Chen Ying-chun among the most searched athletes.

Japan's Pokemon franchise was the second most searched for term in Taiwan, with television show The Teenage Psychic third.

Google also announced that the most popular worldwide search was Hurricane Irma.