altMarch 21 - London 2012 officials are to be asked by the British Association of Shooting and Conservation to explain why they refused to move the controversial shooting venue from Woolwich to Bisley.


The group, a representative body for sporting shooting in the UK, claimed that the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich are the wrong location for two reasons.


Firstly because it requires the closure of roads and the moving of people from their homes to achieve the required safety margins for the shooting events to be held.


Secondly and most importantly Woolwich, despite assurances to the contrary, will it fail to give British Shooting sports any significant legacy beyond the 2012 Games.


Cost paring, ineffective decision making and a lack of consultation will sell shooting short for the 2012 Games, they claimed.


Christopher Graffius, the director of communications at BASC, said: “[The] BASC hopes that even at this late stage the decision will be reconsidered, but if those with limited understanding of shooting insist on this venue, BASC will continue to give whatever support it can to ensure as many British medal winners in the shooting events as possible."