altMarch 17 - Woolwich will remain as the shooting venue for the 2012 London Olympics, it was confirmed today despite opposition from the sport's officials who wanted it to be moved to Bisley.


insidethegames had predicted last night that the sport would remain at Woolwich.


The decision by the Olympic Board - which consists of Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell, London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe, London Mayor Boris Johnson and British Olympic Association chairman Colin Moynihan - will also disappointed Barking and Dagenham Council who had yesterday launched a last-ditch effort to get the events moved there.


But Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) have agreed that feasibility work should be carried out into the proposed venue at Barking Reach as a reserve option in case there is an unexpected problem with Woolwich.


There is little support within the sport for it to be held at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich because they believe it does not offer them any legacy.


They have been lobbying hard for it to be included at the National Shooting Centre (NSC) at Bisley in Surrey, which was the original location for the sport but was changed during London's bid on the advice of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to make it more compact.


But the Board ruled out Bisley because they claimed none of the existing ranges there are suitable for Olympic and Paralympic competition and that it would require extra athlete and officials' accommodation.


They also claimed that the land ownership at Bisley Camp is complex and separate agreements would need to be made with the different gun clubs who are based there.


They were also concerned that the site lies within a greenbelt area adjacent to housing and is a desginated site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and securing planning constent represented a signifcant risk.


Coe said: "The ODA has conducted a thorough review process of all three locations.


"However, the Board still feels that Woolwich is the best choice of venue.


"It is an iconic venue close to the Olympic VIllage, with a strong shooting heritage, and is one of the Greenwich cluster of Olympic and Paralympic venues.


"We will now work closely with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and all interested parties to ensure all arrangements are in place for a first-class venue for shooting."


Despite the opposition of British Shooting, the decision was backed by Horst Schreiber, the secretary general of the International Shooting Federation (ISSF).


He said: "We are delighted that Woolwich has been selected.


"The ISSF is in full support of the selected venue and we believe that the Royal Artillery Barracks will host a stunning event.


"It is a more appropriate venue than Bisley that meets all our requirements and allows our athletes to stay in the Olympic Village, reducing their travel time each day and bringing together athletes from all sports."


This was British Shooting's last opportunity to force a change.


The IOC had warned London in December that any venue changes must be decided by the end of this March ahead of the meeting of their ruling Executive Board in Denver next week.


Any proposals to change venues after that date are likely to be blocked by the IOC.


An Army spokesman said: "Woolwich Barracks is an historic defence location and the MoD is working closely with the London 2012 organisers to enable the shooting events to take place there.


"We are confident that together we can provide a first-class venue with minimal disruption to military duties, Army personnel and their families."