IWGA President José Perurena López, left, greeted Thomas Bach, centre, at Wrocław airport ©IWGA

International World Games Association (IWGA) President José Perurena López has praised the Wrocław 2017 venues on the eve of the sporting action getting underway here.

Competition will take place over the next 10 days across 17 venues, which are split into three clusters located in the west, centre and east of the Polish city.

A World Games host city is never required to build facilities or extend available infrastructure for the sake of the Games alone.

One new venue has been constructed for Wrocław 2017, a roller skating track, but that was built under the city’s own steam.

There has also been some refurbishments across others.

Perurena López is content with the venues and says they are of Olympic quality.

"The quality of the venues is similar to the quality of the Olympic venues," the Spaniard, also President of the International Canoe Federation, said during a press conference here.

"I have been to six Olympic Games and the venues are of an extremely high quality."

José Perurena López, second from left, praised the venues during a press conference ©IWGA
José Perurena López, second from left, praised the venues during a press conference ©IWGA

Perurena López also praised the relationship between the IWGA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), whose President Thomas Bach is in attendance here.

Host broadcasters will create a "24/7" permanent channel for the Games alongside the Olympic Channel, a main perk of the IWGA's partnership with the IOC.

"Having coverage on the Olympic Channel is the biggest step for our future co-operation with the IOC," Perurena López said.

"We are using the Olympic Channel to cover all the activities of these Games."

IWGA chief executive Joachim Gossow also announced that 80 per cent of finals tickets have been sold so far.

The Games feature sports and disciplines that are not on the Olympic programme.

It is expected that around 4,000 athletes spanning 31 events and more than 100 countries will compete.

The event will begin later today with the Opening Ceremony at the Municipal Stadium.

Bach arrived in Wrocław this morning and will be attending his second World Games Opening Ceremony before attending sport climbing - which will make its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 - tomorrow morning.

He was also present at Cali in Colombia in 2013, when he was IOC vice-president under Belgian Jacques Rogge. 

"I now look forward to seeing the show Wrocław is going to produce at the Opening Ceremony and on the upcoming sports events," Perurena López, who greeted Bach at the airport, added.