Just under a quarter of the locations for the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taiwan have already been completed ©Taiwan 2017

The construction of venues for the 2017 Summer Universiade is on schedule after it has been announced that just under a quarter of the locations have already been completed.

The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade is scheduled to be held between August 19 to 30 next year.

After numerous visits by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and International Technical Committee (CTI), the Taipei City Government has invited four other municipalities and 14 universities to co-host the event.

Of the nearly 60 venues being used for various competitions, 14 have already been completed.

The first to be finished was the Taipei Gymnasium which will play host to all of the badminton competitions during the event.

That was followed by the Neihu Vocational High School Gymnasium, Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School Gymnasium, Central Police University Martial Arts Stadium and the Beitou Resort Gymnasium,

The Taipei Arena Basketball Stadium, Taoyuan City Athletic Field, Taoyuan City Swimming Pool, Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School Gymnasium, Hsing Wu University Gymnasium and Yingfeng Riverside Park Football Field are also all ready.

Completing the list of venues ready for competition are the University of Taipei Athletic Field, Yingfeng Riverside Park Roller Sports Rink and New Taipei City Banshu Gymnasium.

The Taipei Gymnasium was the first to be completed ©Taiwan 2017
The Taipei Gymnasium was the first to be completed ©Taiwan 2017

Summer Universiade athletes Yu-po Pai, Ti-jung Wu and Chia-hsuan Lin, who are all badminton players, were invited to attend a press conference to mark the completion of the Taipei Gymnasium. 

Only two of the nearly 60 venues needed for the Games are being newly constructed.

The Organising Committee is confident that the remaining venues will all be finished by the end of April 2017, well in advance of the opening ceremony on August 19.

In addition to work on the new and renovated venues, the operating plans, equipment preparation and visual aesthetics improvement of the venues are currently underway.

Organisers claimed valuable experience has been gained from various trial events and discussions with related organisations.

"We are certain that 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade will present a unique face of Taiwan to the world next year." read a statement from the hosts.