By Gary Anderson

August 27 - Trentino 2013 organisers have vowed to make the Games in December the cleanest everOrganisers of the 2013 Trentino Winter Universiade have claimed they are aiming to make the event the "first zero emissions" Games by setting out a series of guidelines and good practices to reduce the carbon (CO2) output.

The Games, which are due to take place between December 11 and 21, are predicted to produce around 20,000 tons of CO2 and Trentino 2013 are hoping to put in place measures ranging from sustainable mobility to waste management practices in order to offset the emissions and make the event as environmentally friendly as possible.

To achieve this, organisers have said they will work with local authorities and firms on a number of initiatives including reducing the heating needs of offices and public buildings during the Games, reducing road and highway lights at night when there are low levels of traffic, and adopting heating systems that use renewable resources.

Local citizens are being encouraged to take part in the "Pedibus" initiative which encourages parents to take their children to school by walking or through car pooling, and are even being encouraged to reduce the amount of time they have the lights on their Christmas trees turned on.

Organisers of Trentino 2013 want to minimise the impact of pollution on the Trento area during the UniversiadeOrganisers of Trentino 2013 want to minimise the impact of pollution on the Trento area during the Universiade

The announcement was made at a press conference attended by Trentino 2013 vice-president Paolo Bouquet and Trentino 2013 secretary general Filippo Bazzanella, Trentino city planning and local authorities' minister Mauro Gilmozzi, President of Trentino's Municipalities' Consortium Marino Gilmozzi and Matteo Manica from the University of Trentino.

Organisers have also vowed to make the Games a "paper free event" by focussing on the use of digital media and revealed an agreement with Italy's Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC Italia), which will see the use of wood from sustainable and legal forests, in the construction of facilities and structures that are related to the Universiade.

Bazzanella said that the aim is to make Trentino 2013 "the first environmentally friendly Universiade ever."

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