By Gary Anderson

August 3 - top image trentino crowdfundingTrentino 2013 has launched a new Crowdfunding campaign that aims to provide members of the public an opportunity to become a "shareholder" in the Winter Universiade Games by making an online financial contribution to the event.

Claiming to be the first initiative of its kind, the scheme aims to use the hosting of the Games to enhance selected scientific projects by Trentino 2013 that focus on innovation and research in the local area and also fund entertainment initiatives dedicated to students taking part in the 26th Winter Universiade, which is due to take place between December 11 and 21.

Once a supporter makes a contribution, they will be able to find their online "territory" amongst many others within the logo of the Universiade, in a mechanism which allows different levels of visibility depending on the size of the contribution as well as the profile of the supporter, be they an individual or corporate body.

The higher the donation, the greater will be the area of the territory, which can be accessed and updated on the official website.

Trentino 2013 Crowdfunding camapign aims to create a stronger bond between spectators and the GamesTrentino 2013 Crowdfunding camapign aims to create a stronger bond between spectators and the Games

Once online, the prospective contributor can choose from a range of six projects to support and they can create an online profile, follow the progress of their selected project and avail of perks such as exclusive Trentino 2013 content and holiday packages to the northern Italian region.

Organisers hope to raise around $350,000 (£229,000/€263,000) by the time the Games start, claiming that the overall aim of the campaign is to create a stronger emotional bond between spectators and the Games themselves.

A total of 13 sports will be contested across seven venues during the Games which were last held in Italy in 2007, when they took place in Turin. 

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