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In this latest issue of The insidethegames.biz Magazine, we explore what the Ukraine crisis means for the Olympic Movement.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics was the big focus. Organisers faced a build-up full of tough questions, and the event itself was no less dramatic.

In Punishing the Kremlin, chief feature writer Mike Rowbottom looks at how Russia has been shut out of global sport following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But with legal challenges on the way it has been a complex issue.

Senior reporter Michael Pavitt was one of our team in Beijing for the Games, where he experienced the “closed loop” system designed to combat the spread of COVID-19. Michael shares his encounters in Life in the loop.

The shadow of war, written by Philip Barker our Olympic historian, takes a look at the times shelling and bombing has taken the focus away from the action on the field and where Games have been impacted by the ugly head of war.

Editorial intern Leticia Bila tells the story of how athletes - particularly those from Ukraine - have reacted to the conflict and how they have made their voices heard in her article Standing with Ukraine.

Kamila Valieva’s story brought the issue of age limits in sport to the fore, particularly in figure skating. As senior reporter Geoff Berkeley explains in Youth and experience, while the athletes on the ice are often still children, a number of officials running the sport are in their senior years.

There are, of course, two sides to every story and some Russian athletes have been impacted by the sanctions despite carrying no fault themselves.

In his article Breaking up with Russia insidethegames.biz Editor Duncan Mackay explores the view from Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine and has brought together the other side of the story.

In his article The world heads to Uni, reporter Michael Houston sets the scene for the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, a destination which has strong links to track and field and sports giant Nike, and is no stranger to controversy.

Mike Rowbottom looks ahead to the European Championships in Munich - the second instalment of the unique multi-sport event - Willkommen Europe!

Some Russian athletes have been forced to miss competitions through no fault of their own, but that does not mean it was the wrong thing to do, as Mike Rowbottom argues in The right choice.

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