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…We have a brand new weightlifting section powered by the International Weightlifting Federation?

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You can read the most up-to-date and breaking independent weightlifting news, as you would expect from the world’s No.1 Olympics news website,

Lift The World

Watch the innovative weightlifting film “Lift The World” which tells the story of the modern sport of weightlifting.


Learn about the competitions which take the lifters through to Olympic qualification.

The Two Lifts

Understand The Two Lifts, so you too can enjoy the excitement of weightlifting competition.

IWF Social Media

Click-through to the IWF Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Weightlifting Section

Take a look at our brilliant timeline and read about the great moments of weightlifting from its origins in the Olympics to the present day.

Development and Education

Learn about IWF Development and Education, where National, Regional and Continental Federations can apply for funding to run weightlifting programmes throughout the world. Case Studies show how best practise and regulations help lifters across the globe to become world class in their category.

All without leaving your favourite website,

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