Gilbert_Felli_and_Rene_Fesel August 26 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared today it was "extremely happy" with the work done in preparation for the 2010 Winter Games and promised extra financial funding if it was needed.

The IOC's Coordination Commission expressed satisfaction at the progress being made after competing its ninth visit to the Canadian city to inspect the facilities.

It said: "The organisers of the Games in Vancouver and Whistler are ready for 2010.

"We are extremely happy with what we have seen and heard, and are confident that [VANOC] will deliver."

Commission members also said the IOC is prepared to pay more to help cover any deficit the Games may incur.

Organisers VANOC has struggled to balance its books and in December 2008, reported a C$68-million (£38 million) deficit.

VANOC did not update that deficit figure at its last major reporting in January of this year, but the Vancouver committee said it was confident its budget would be balanced by the times the Games end.

The Coordination Commission said it would not necessarily be responsible for the entire deficit, if there was one, but declined to specify how much it would be willing to cover.

Rene Fasel, the chairman of the Commission (pictured with IOC's Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli), said: "The venues are spectacular and the plans for next February are very good.

"The great venues, the outstanding natural setting and hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans will guarantee that these Olympic and Paralympic Games will be an unparalleled success."