Coffins have been found near the Eiffel Tower. GETTY IMAGES

Three individuals were apprehended by French authorities on Monday after a discovery was made near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday. Five empty coffins, wrapped in French flags with the inscription "French soldiers from Ukraine", were found, prompting a swift investigation and subsequent arrests.

Three individuals, aged under 30 and from Bulgaria, Germany, and Ukraine, are facing charges of premeditated violence after allegedly leaving five empty coffins wrapped in French flags with the inscription "French soldiers from Ukraine" at the Eiffel Tower. The prosecutors have deemed this act as a form of psychological violence. 

The trio's suspected motives may be linked to France's potential military involvement in Ukraine, as diplomatic sources revealed that France is considering sending military trainers to Ukraine despite concerns from some allies and criticism from Russia. 

Such investigation has also uncovered connections to previous incidents in Paris. In October, a wave of anti-Semitic incidents swept across Paris, leaving a trail of vandalism and intimidation in its wake. 

One of the most striking incidents was the stenciling of Stars of David on several walls, reminiscent of the Israeli flag. The culprits were later identified as a Moldovan couple who, French officials believe, were paid by Russian intelligence.

Three people have been arrested after coffins were found neat the Eiffel Tower. GETTY IMAGES
Three people have been arrested after coffins were found neat the Eiffel Tower. GETTY IMAGES

This incident was just one in a series of anti-Semitic attacks that have plagued Paris in recent months. Another notable incident was the red hand that was painted on a Holocaust memorial in Paris, an act that authorities believe was perpetrated by individuals who fled abroad. 

Such investigation into this incident has revealed connections to other incidents, including the recent discovery of three coffins wrapped in French flags at the Eiffel Tower. One of the alledged individuals arrested was in telephone contact with a Bulgarian suspect wanted for the red-hands affair. 

Georgi F, a 34-year-old man, is believed to be involved in the plot and, according to French newspaper Le Monde, has been linked to Russian intelligence. Investigators believe that Russian intelligence may be behind all three incidents - the Stars of David, the red hands, and the coffins - as part of a larger effort to demonstrate opposition to France's potential involvement in the Ukraine war.

Moscow has been increasingly vocal in its opposition to France's involvement in Ukraine, with President Emmanuel Macron repeatedly refusing to rule out sending soldiers to Ukraine. Ukrainian officials have confirmed that discussions have been held over the despatch of French military instructors, which could provide the context for these incidents. Russian intelligence may be seeking to exploit these tensions by using propaganda and disinformation to undermine France's support for Ukraine.