Tyson's return against Jake Paul was postponed due to the former champion's health. 'X'@jakepaul

The fight between the 'Garden Terror' and the YouTuber, scheduled for 20 July, has been put on hold. Organisers announced the postponement after 'Iron Mike' suffered a health scare this week and following doctors' advice.

We'll have to wait and see. Mike Tyson's much-anticipated return to boxing at the age of 57 has hit a snag. On a flight to Miami, the youngest heavyweight champion of all time had to seek medical assistance. The champion was feeling unwell, experiencing nausea and dizziness.

Despite Tyson's assurances on social media that he was one hundred per cent, the boxer underwent a medical examination last Thursday. He was advised to train at a very low level and decided to postpone the fight. It has been suggested that it could be rescheduled for later in the year, when he is able to train regularly.

The organisers of the fight, which was scheduled to take place in Texas, said in a statement on Friday that Tyson had been advised to train minimally in the coming weeks following a consultation with doctors, revealing that the boxer had been battling an "ulcer flare up"

"Mike Tyson is advised to train lightly over the next few weeks and return to full training with no restrictions," the statement said. It's unwelcome news as the return of one of the greatest boxers in history and a real draw for the sport was an event nobody wanted to miss.

"Both Mike and Jake are in agreement that it is only fair that both athletes have the same amount of training time in preparation for this important fight and are able to compete at the highest level," the statement said. "We fully support Mike taking the time he needs to perform at the level he expects of himself, as the health and well-being of our athletes is our top priority."

A new date could be announced by 7 June for the fight, which will be streamed live by streaming giant Netflix. On Tuesday, Tyson insisted he was feeling "100%". As he prepares to return to the ring for the first time in more than two decades, he also assures that he will take the time to fully prepare himself.

"Tyson said in a statement: "I want to thank my fans around the world for their support and understanding during this time. "Unfortunately, I have been advised by my doctor to reduce my training for a few weeks to rest and recover due to the recurrence of my ulcer", he said. "My body is in the best shape it has been in since the 1990s. I will be back to my full training schedule soon", he said

"Jake Paul, this may have bought you a little time, but in the end you are still going to get knocked out and you are out of boxing for good," Tyson said. The fight had generated a lot of excitement because of what Tyson means to boxing and the following that Paul, who accepted the postponement, also shares.

Before June 7st, the promoters will announce the new date of the fight. 'X'@MikeTyson
Before June 7st, the promoters will announce the new date of the fight. 'X'@MikeTyson

"I fully support the postponement of the event so that Mike Tyson has no excuses on fight night," said Paul. The fight was scheduled for eight rounds of two minutes each. This was sanctioned by the Texas boxing authorities. Two minutes is one less than the traditional three minutes of official boxing.

The fight has also been the subject of controversy. Some, like former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, had reservations. They were worried that Tyson might get hurt. Others, such as former world champion Evander Holyfield, have said that if Tyson were to catch Paul, there would be nothing left of the YouTube star.


It was Tyson himself who dismissed the doubts at a press conference earlier this month, describing his decision to return to the ring as a no-brainer. "I'm beautiful. That's all I can say," he said. The heavyweight last fought in 2005. His tumultuous life seems to have taken a breather in recent years, apparently more focused and mature than he was when he terrorised the division and any boxer who dared step into the ring with him.