Olympics & Paralympics LIVE Official Launch. GETTY IMAGES

Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and media company Nine have announced the joint venture Olympics and Paralympics LIVE last Thursday, according to an AOC press release.

Olympics and Paralympics LIVE  will be an opportunity for sport clubs, schools, universities, community groups and local councils to gather and watch the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games together and experience the excitement of the games as they unfold. Olympics LIVE will be available during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games from 26 July to 11 August, followed by Paralympics LIVE which will be available during the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games from 28 August to 11 September. 

AOC CEO Matt Carroll says the excitement of the Paris Olympics can be shared with communities all across Australia and encourages his fellow Australians to cheer on their athletes.

"We are thrilled to launch Olympics and Paralympics LIVE to Australians nationwide," Carroll said. "The AOC is delighted to partner with Paralympics Australia and Nine in this exciting initiative and look forward to seeing the many ways Australian communities support our Teams throughout the duration of both Games."

Australians will be able to hold their own celebrations while they watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games live from venues across Australia, with applications now open to get involved. 

"From watch parties at local sports clubs to live sites in major cities, Olympics and Paralympics LIVE offers a unique platform for communities to unite, don the green and gold, and be inspired by the remarkable performances of our athletes in Paris, all live and free on Nine. It’s a simple process – just go to the AOC’s website and register. 

"Each sports club, school, university or community group will be supplied with everything they need to bring their event to life and share the Olympic spirit," Carroll instructed sports fans.

Paralympics Australia CEO Catherine Clark said Paralympics LIVE will give everyone at home a chance to be a part of Paris 2024. "At the heart of what we all love about sport is how it makes us feel, how it lifts us, inspires us and connects us. We can’t wait to have audiences across the country participating in Paralympics LIVE events in their local communities," she said.

Jamieson Leeson, Paralympic boccia player, only knows too well how important support is when you’re miles away competing. "To have your support from home while we chase our goals and show what is possible in Paris will mean the world to us." Clark concluded.