IBA financially supports the hosting of the Oceania Youth Boxing Championships. IBA

As part of its Financial Support Programme, the IBA will provide $100,000 (€92,000) to the Oceania Boxing Confederation for the organisation of this event. The aim is to develop the talents of young boxers. The championship will be held from 1 to 7 July 2024 in Tahiti.

The Oceania Boxing Confederation (OCBC) is working on the organisation of the Oceania Youth and Junior Boxing Championships to be held in Tahiti from the 1st to the 7th of July 2024. Events such as these provide an opportunity for young boxers in the region to gain experience and showcase their talent.

Such competitions are where potential can be discovered at an early age, helping their athletic growth. As part of its Financial Support Programme (FSP), the IBA will support the championship with a grant of $100,000 (€78,900). This financial support underlines the IBA's commitment to the development of young talent, the support of its confederations and the promotion of boxing worldwide. 

The IBA has launched several initiatives in collaboration with the federations. A recent example is the support for the creation of the Mandela Cup in South Africa. Similarly, where an extra push and commitment is needed, such as with boxing officials in Gibraltar, it is actively working to promote boxing. Again, the aim is to identify talent at an early age. 

Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the IBA. IBA
Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the IBA. IBA

The IBA is proud to support the 2024 Oceania Youth and Junior Boxing Championships," said Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the IBA. "We are believers in the power of boxing to transform lives and create opportunities. By investing in our young athletes from Oceania, we are not only fostering their growth, but also contributing to the future of boxing." 

The event will not only involve boxers from Tahiti. It is also an opportunity for other neighbouring regions on the continent. Participants will compete in all weight classes. Tauhiti Nena, President of the OCBC, said, "The support of the IBA has been instrumental in making these championships a reality. 

"We look forward to welcoming young talent from across Oceania and giving them a platform to shine. This event will not only be a boost for the sport of boxing, but also a bonding experience for our boxing community."

The Last IBA Night of Champions in Madrid IBA
The Last IBA Night of Champions in Madrid IBA

In addition, the IBA will take the opportunity to run the IBA 1-2 Star R&J course during those days. Experienced instructors such as David Cutting from Australia and John Waith from Wales will teach the course. They will be supervised by IBA Technical Delegate Wayne Rose from Australia. They will be supported by newly certified R&J evaluator Manoj Kumar from India. R&Js will come from various countries in Oceania.

The event will be supported by the ITOs from Oceania who have successfully passed the ITO exam as part of the IBA ITO course. The course was organised at the recent OCBC Youth and Junior Championships in Samoa. 

Later on, the IBA will organise a new higher level R&J course. This will take place throughout 2024. It will coincide with the OCBC Elite Championships, which will be held in Fiji in November.