Vadym Gutzeit, president of Ukraine's National Olympic Committee, described the trip to the Games as sending out a significant message.

Ukraine will send a team of athletes to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games this year despite the ongoing war with Russia, as announced by Sports Minister Matviy Bidnyi in Kyiv on Monday.

The official announcement was made on the website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. "These games are of particular importance for Ukraine, as it is an opportunity to show the world our will and strength of spirit. The slogan of Ukraine at the Olympic Games: "The Will to Win," the statement reads. Bidnyi said Ukraine had already won a victory since Russia was suspended from the Olympic movement following its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 

Vadym Gutzeit, president of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee, said the journey to the Games, which will be held from 26 July to 11 August, was an important message. "It is already a victory that we are able to take part under conditions of invasion. The athletes have prepared for the Games under rockets and bombs," he said.

Most Ukrainian athletes train outside the country before the Olympics. Russian and Belarusian athletes can only take part in the Paris Games as neutrals, without flags or national anthems. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and various sports federations want to ensure that athletes who supported the Russian invasion are not allowed to participate.

Ukraine has provided documentation on Russian and Belarusian athletes to support decisions in this regard. These provisions have cleared the way for Ukraine's participation, and Monday's announcement is formal confirmation. 

Since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Ukrainian athletes have repeatedly faced Russian and Belarusian opponents in competitions in sports such as tennis. In most cases, Ukrainian athletes have refused to greet their opponents at the end of the match.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Olympic Committee issued recommendations to its athletes, advising them to avoid meetings and photographs with Russian and Belarusian athletes as much as possible.