Usyk beats Fury to make history as undisputed heavyweight champion. GETTY IMAGES

The Ukrainian won a controversial decision over the Briton in Riyadh and unified the four world titles for the first time in 24 years. The Briton dominated the early stages of the fight, but Oleksandr Usyk set the pace and nearly sent him to the canvas in the ninth round. Tyson Fury is unsure whether he will accept a rematch, which could take place in October.

Usyk is now the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. This Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Ukrainian pulled off what many thought would be an unpredictable and highly challenging victory over Fury. Usyk (22-0, 14 KOs) unified the WBA, IBF and WBO titles he already held. He also took the WBC belt from the Briton (34-1-1, 24 KOs) to become the undisputed champion.

Usyk's victory ended Fury's unbeaten streak. Now Fury is considering whether to accept a rematch, which is required by a clause in his contract and would see the fight take place in October. "The 'Gypsy King' said after the fight: "I'm going to take a holiday, go home, talk to my wife and kids and see what I want to do."

It's been 24 years since Lennox Lewis unified the heavyweight titles, but back then there were only three belts. Usyk overcame the odds to make history. It was one of the greatest fights of all time.

Usyk was closing the distance on Fury and he was hurting him. GETTY IMAGES
Usyk was closing the distance on Fury and he was hurting him. GETTY IMAGES

Usyk stuck to his game plan. He attacked Fury's body, went for the liver, took risks by fighting close and overcame a tough start from his rival . The fight changed in the ninth round, as Usyk nearly sent Fury to the canvas and almost finished the fight. The victory was split, with two judges scoring it 115-112 and 114-113 for Usyk. One judge scored it 114-113 for Fury.

"I thank Oleksandr for a good fight. It was a close fight, you know," said Fury. "I think I did enough. However, I'm not the judge", he said. The fight lived up to expectations. Fury used his long jab to force Usyk to fight from a distance. It was difficult for Usyk to get inside. But he managed to set the pace and land some shots that made Fury feel his presence. In the second round, Fury was hit with a combination of punches that made him rethink his strategy.

The crowd enjoyed the fight as dominance alternated. Fury hid behind his jab, whch forced Usyk to retreat and lose his position after Fury finally landed some body shots on the Ukrainian. The fight continued with the judges unable to make a clear prediction. Fury hurt Usyk in the fifth and sixth rounds. The Ukrainian stepped back to catch his breath. 

However, he quickly returned to the offensive. He hit and protected himself, targeting Fury's body. The Briton felt comfortable in the sixth and began to move. The fight was shifting. Usyk continued to throw punches even though Fury was beginning to show his powerful boxing style with his relentless punches. His pace was appreciated by the crowd, which enjoyed his courage and movement around the ring.

The seventh round had it all, with hard punches from Fury and a strong finish from Usyk. The stage for what was to come was set in the eighth: Usyk put Fury in his place, forcing him to defend and hurting the Briton. He landed a perfect combination of punches to Fury's face. He finished the round in dominating fashion with a left hand that made Fury doubt and a right hand to finish. 

Fury's face showed signs of damage, which his corner did a good job of managing, especially blows to his right eye, where Usyk had landed consistently. The ninth round was the turning point. Usyk came out on top, with the fight tipping in his favour. He pushed Fury against the ropes. He caused problems with his accurate left hand. 

Fury dominated to start but Usyk came back to win the ninth. GETTY IMAGES
Fury dominated to start but Usyk came back to win the ninth. GETTY IMAGES

Usyk saw Fury in trouble and tried to finish the fight, with the referee ruling it a knockdown when the bell sounded. Usyk knew he had the fight where he wanted it, attacking, pressing and hurting Fury. In the tenth round, Usyk came out determined. He pushed Fury into the corner. The Briton had not fully recovered. 

Usyk hit him in the face and dominated the round, as well as the eleventh. Fury's greatness showed in his bravery and he regained some strength in the final round. But Usyk knew what he was doing. He was in control of the fight. He didn't give an inch and wasn't threatened. By the ninth round, he had done considerable damage to his opponent. He couldn't recover from the blow.

Usyk brought glory back to Ukraine. He reached his peak alongside the Klitschko brothers, Vitali and Wladimir, who were heavyweight champions of the world and came to defend their country against Russia. Both brothers won multiple heavyweight championships, with Vitali retiring undefeated and Wladimir remaining unbeaten for a decade.

Fury lost his unbeaten record and was indecisive about a rematch with Usyk after the fight. "In a couple of months I'm going to be 36. I've been boxing since I was a kid. It is what it is," he added. "Where does it all end? A hundred fights and brain damage, in a wheelchair? I'm not sure," he said. However, the Briton went on to reaffirm that he loves the sport. "However, one thing's for sure, as long as I'm still in love with the game - and I had a lot of fun in there, I had a lot of fun - I'll do it again."

Fury retired twice before returning to the sport. As well as Usyk, another fight that would be tempting is against his British rival and former world champion Anthony Joshua. It's a fight that many would like to see and enjoy, but now it's uncertain after this hard knockdown. Fury thanked his opponent, Usyk, for "the good fight".