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Italian gymnastics legend Vanessa Ferrari has revealed her dream of participating at the Olympic Games in Paris, which is likely to be her last.

The 33-year-old would take part in her fifth Olympic tournament, and she believes it would be a fitting way to end her career on a high. Ferrari, known as "Orzinuovi’s butterfly," secured a place on the podium at London 2012 and Rio 2016, respectively.

She also secured a sought-after Olympic medal three years ago in Tokyo, managing a silver in the floor event. Speaking exclusively to, she said, "After Tokyo 2020, it was very, very difficult for me to find inspiration and the desire to get back into it. With time, however, I found the desire to try again.

"I won medals in each of every competition: bronze, silver, and gold. I was only missing one from the Olympics after coming close in two consecutive games. So, seeing one of my dreams come true was the icing on the cake that would have perfectly closed a career.

"I know if I am not staying well, but decently, in terms of energy levels and physically, in a way that I can just manage my preparation, I can still do well and give a good contribution to the team. This is my goal: to try and get back on track.

"Knowing that if I want to, I can make it, it still satisfies me, and I think that it can convey a special message to the other girls. It can help them understand how to find the inner strength to always overcome obstacles and move forward; sooner or later, hard work pays off.

"You can't always have what you want, but knowing you have done everything, you could. I think that is still an important thing, and then sooner or later, you will be rewarded," she added.

Italian gymnastic legend Ferrari is set to compete at her fifth Olympics in Paris. GETTY IMAGES
Italian gymnastic legend Ferrari is set to compete at her fifth Olympics in Paris. GETTY IMAGES

Ferrari, who looks set to take part in her fifth Olympics, is relishing the chance ahead of Paris 2024. "Taking part in my fifth Olympics would be wonderful," Ferrari continued. "It would close a career I have set for myself. I would like to be able to get there (to Paris), but in a certain way. I want to be competitive.

"If I am not in the right form, then I don't want to go. It is fair that someone else should go, someone who is more competitive than me and who needs to gain experience. At the moment, I deserve to go and want to go. I know that I can do something for myself and the team.

"The challenge of making it to Paris 2024 is more difficult than compared to the others. For various reasons, given that I am older and carrying physical problems that I have had in the past, I have been away from gymnastics for quite some time. I was in training, got injured, and then came back.

"The desire is there, but my body is holding me back. In terms of timing, I always want to start again. I know if I start at full speed, I may compromise something again. So, I need to be good at managing everything. It is difficult because simple things have never happened to me!

"I will keep going and see what happens regardless. I will be happy as I will give it my all, as I will be doing it for the fifth time," she concluded.