Shane Rose avoids sanction for wearing 'mankinis' at Wallaby Hill. 'X' THE_NAKEDFARMER

The three-time Australian Olympic medallist donned a fluorescent suit to compete at Wallaby Hill near Sydney. It was an event where riders were encouraged to dress up. The Australian Equestrian Federation ultimately decided not to penalise him.

Three-time Olympic medallist Shane Rose was facing possible sanctions after wearing a fluorescent orange suit, popularised in the film Borat, at an event at Wallaby Hill near Sydney last weekend where riders were encouraged to dress up.

This prompted a complaint to the Australian Equestrian Federation. However, the governing body decided not to sanction the 50-year-old Australian rider after receiving significant public support for him. As a result, Rose will be able to continue his preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

"The Australian Equestrian Federation review panel met on Monday and found that Mr Rose had not breached the code of conduct," the EA said in a statement, as quoted by AFP 

"The panel took into account the community event at which Mr Rose competed and the fact that Mr Rose had already publicly apologised."

It added that it would work with stakeholders on a "review of minimum dress standards for future events". Meanwhile, Rose apologised. He breathed a sigh of relief that he wouldn't be sanctioned. "I sincerely apologise if I have offended anyone," he said after being suspended by the EA during the review. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald after Monday's ruling, he said: "I'm happy to be able to get back to my Olympic preparations. "It's a huge relief that this has happened and I can get on with preparing for Paris," he said. Rose also offered free mankinis on his Facebook page.

Shane Rose with his controversial mankini. 'X' LEPARISIEN
Shane Rose with his controversial mankini. 'X' LEPARISIEN

The organiser of Wallaby Hill supported the decision, saying: "Let's support the people in this world who are making it a better place... after all, laughter is the best medicine". In addition, the case was attracting more attention, and thankfully for good reason. A major sponsor of the event pledged to donate AUD$100 (USD$65) to a men's health charity for every person wearing one of the skimpy swimsuits next time. 

The curious swimsuit went viral, but when asked if he'd be wearing it again next year, Australian Rose wasn't so sure. "I think I might just take a back seat and let people do what they do best."