Tunisia's Bechir Cherif, centre, has been re-elected as President of the MKFU ©WKF

World Karate Federation (WKF) vice-president Bechir Cherif has been returned for a fresh six-year term as President of the Mediterranean Karate Federations' Union (MKFU).

Tunisian official Cherif was elected to his role as head of the MKFU in 2017, and his re-election came at the Congress held in Tunis, the capital of his home country.

Croatia's Davor Cipek, Spain's Antonio Moreno and Morocco's Mohamed Mouktabil were elected as vice-presidents.

The Congress additionally approved the appointment of Cypriot Andreas Vasileiou as secretary general and Egypt's Mohey Eldin Mohammed as treasurer.

Colaiacomo Cinzia of Italy, Greece's Stavrianidis Stavros, Yaser Şahintekin from Turkey, Serbia's Slavoljub Piper, Murati Besnik of North Macedonia, Egypt's Issam Abderraouf and Jihad Maya of Syria complete the line-up of the Executive Committee.

The MKFU brings together 26 Mediterranean countries whose National Federations are affiliated to the WFK.

The MKFU Congress was held in Tunis, the capital of Bechir Cherif's home country Tunisia ©WKF
The MKFU Congress was held in Tunis, the capital of Bechir Cherif's home country Tunisia ©WKF

WFK and European Karate Federation President Antonio Espinós praised the MKFU for its work promoting the sport in the Mediterranean region.

"The work of our regional organisations is crucial to the progress of our sport in their area of influence," the Spanish official said.

"The Mediterranean Karate Federations Union has been doing a tremendous job in raising the profile of karate in their countries as it is showcased in the events they host.

"I want to thank Bechir Cherif for his re-election to lead the organisation, and the new Executive Committee members for their appointment.

"I am sure that with their hard work and cooperation, karate will continue being one of the most popular sports in the region."

MKFU nations won five of the available eight gold medals on karate's Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, with Spain, Egypt, Italy, France and Serbia winning one apiece.