Several French anti-Olympics groups are looking to get people to sign up as "fake volunteers" ©Getty Images

Activists are plotting to infiltrate the volunteering team recruited for next year's Olympics in Paris in a bid to cause disruption.

Several French groups opposed to the staging of Paris 2024 are looking to get people to sign up as "fake volunteers".

The "hidden work campaign" was revealed in a column for French news website Basta earlier this month, saying they wanted to "prevent this anti-social enterprise from profiting from the free labour of thousands of people".

Under the anti-Olympics collective's plans, they have called on people to become volunteers before either going on strike demanding that they should be paid, simply refusing to turn up or working slowly.

The campaign has been signed by groups Saccage 2024, Popular Solidarity Brigades Aubervilliers-Pantin, Collective for the Defense of the Gardens of Aubervilliers and Youth for Climate Île-de-France.

Paris 2024 organisers have set the goal of securing 45,000 volunteers for the Games, with one third due to be deployed to the Paralympics.

The application period opened last month and is set to close on May 3.

Volunteers are expected to be stationed at all of the official Paris 2024 venues where they will be tasked with a number of responsibilities.

Among those include guiding spectators, accompanying athletes to competition venues, participating in the distribution of equipment and transporting accredited people.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age on January 1 2024, be able to speak either French or English, and available for at least 10 days during either the Olympics or Paralympics.

A member of Saccage 2024 going by the name of Jean told French newspaper L'Humanité of the group’s plans.

"We call to apply to become a volunteer at [Paris 2024] and not to go there, or to go there to speak and go on strike," said Jean.

"45,000 people will use their labour force, under scandalous conditions, free of charge, for a private label whose profits will be theirs entirely.

"There will be no benefit for public accounts."

Volunteers will be required to do a series of tasks during the Games but activites say they should not be asked to work for free ©Getty Images
Volunteers will be required to do a series of tasks during the Games but activites say they should not be asked to work for free ©Getty Images

Another activist told French television channel France24: "I find it shameful that with a budget of €8.8 billion (£7.8 billion/$9.8 billion), the Olympic Games are using volunteers by asking them for such involvement.

"This is close to hidden work, and I want to help disrupt these Games which pose problems at all levels whether in social, economic, security or environmental terms."

Paris 2024 organisers have vowed to ensure there is no risk of sabotage during the Games and secure up a team who can be mobilised in the event of any withdrawals.

"Our mobilisation processes must in particular make it possible to ensure the sincerity of the candidates' commitment," Paris 2024 told French newspaper Actu Seine-Saint-Denis.

"All volunteers who will be given accreditation will be subject to a prior administrative investigation by the authorised state service."

There are tensions in France with the country’s President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms provoking mass protests in the capital.

Earlier this month, French Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has insisted Paris 2024 are in no way the "Government Games" as authorities move to ward off threats by those protesting against the new pension law to disrupt the event.

Laurent Berger, secretary general of the French Democratic Confederation of Labour - the country’s largest trade union, said he was opposed to any protests taking place at the Games.