The DOSB and BMFSFJ will host a nine-club competition later this summer ©DOSB

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Youth (BMFSFJ) will be collaborating to launch the "Gemeinschaft bewegt", a club competition involving nine teams who are particularly committed to community and participation in sport.

Verena Bentele, DOSB vice-president and chair of the Advisory Board of the project, expressed her gratitude towards the nine clubs.

"The sports clubs and associations make a huge contribution to our society," said Bentele.

"Every day, they bring people into contact with each other and unite them through common, low-threshold activities that strengthen social cohesion. 

"We would like to make this commitment visible and honour it. 

"That is why I am very pleased that the BMFSFJ promotes and supports the project and the competition."

Lisa Paus, the Federal Minister for BMFSJ, explained the importance of the initiative.

"It is important to use all already established structures in the prevention and combating of loneliness," said Paus.

"The sports club landscape in Germany is unique, it connects not only through movement, but also through voluntary commitment and beyond. 

"That's why it's good that we support the DOSB's project "Association against Loneliness". 

The main goal of this initiative is to combat loneliness through sports ©DOSB
The main goal of this initiative is to combat loneliness through sports ©DOSB

"Because sports clubs create community and contribute to our social cohesion. 

"This competition is awarded to clubs that help people find ways out of loneliness. 

"They receive the recognition they deserve and show us what 'sports club' can mean."

The main goal of the initiative is combating loneliness, as measures to promote teamwork and access to routes across sports will be in place until May 31 2023.

Along with the sports clubs, members of the associations linked to the DOSB can also participate by submitting an application, but they have to be charitable or non-commercial.

The applicants are split into three categories, where small is up to 500 members, medium is 501 to 1,500 and large is over 1,500.

First place in each category will receive €3,000 (£2,642/$3,304).

A jury of nine members from the BMFSFJ along with with other non-charitable organisations will decide the winners.

The nine winners will then take part in the club competition this summer.