Anastasia Potapova promised that she will not be breaking the rules of the WTA again after being warned for wearing a Spartak Moscow football shirt at Indian Wells last month ©Getty Images

Russian tennis player Anastasia Potapova has promised not to wear a Spartak Moscow football team shirt on court again after being warned for warming up in one at Indian Wells last month.

Potapova, ranked 25th in the world, was warned that if she was to repeat this action, she will face a fine or lose points.

She was criticised by Poland's world number one Iga Świątek, who claimed that the Russian should not "show her views in this way at such times", with tensions currently running high in the locker room following Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year. 

"There was no fine, it was just a warning - they said not to do it again," Potapova told Russia's official state news agency TASS. 

“If this happened again, then I would either not be awarded points for the tournament where I did it, or I would be fined $5,000 (£4,000/€4,500).

"Naturally , the choice would have fallen on money, not points.

“I don’t like to break any rules on purpose. 

"Therefore, this will not happen the second time. 

"I respect the place where I work."

Potapova yesterday attended Spartak Moscow's Russian Premier League against local rivals Dynamo Moscow and was introduced to the crowd before the 3-3 draw. 

Russian football teams are currently banned from competiting in UEFA competitions due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Potapova claimed she has not felt any tension in the locker room, despite the situation in Ukraine.

“Personally, I don’t feel any pressure, probably because I don’t focus on it,” Potapova said. 

"Many said they feel it in the locker rooms communicated with those and did not begin to communicate. 

"My life off the court because of the situation has not changed. "

Anastasia Potapova is excited to be able to compete in Wimbledon again ©Getty Images
Anastasia Potapova is excited to be able to compete in Wimbledon again ©Getty Images

Potapova also admitted she was surprised by the decision of Wimbledon to lift its controversial ban on Russian and Belarussian players participating.

“I think this is a pleasant decision for us, of course,” Potapova told TASS.

"Because no one wants to just miss the Grand Slam tournament. 

"It was very unexpected and pleasant. 

"Again, no one could influence this situation, we just had to wait and hope. 

"We're really glad that it happened."