Home hopes for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games will be dependent on solid Government funding, the CGA has insisted ©Getty Images

Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) has called upon the Federal Government to commit to the "necessary preparation funding" for the 20 sports that will be part of the Victoria 2026 programme.

The CGA has also called for an AUD$10 million (£5.4million/$6.7million/€6million) per annum uplift in investment.

It follows the precedent established by the Federal Coalition Government when they committed to a rise of AUD$15 million (£8 million/$10 million/€9.3million) to boost athlete preparation before the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, the last time Australia hosted.

The request has been made in the CGA's Pre-Budget Submission to the Federal Government.

"Australia's success at Birmingham 2022 was not the product of luck or a fluke," said Craig Phillips, the CGA chief executive.

"It took years of preparation, certainty in funding and a broad commitment from the Federal Government and its agencies to invest in and support programme sports and their athletes as they strived to win gold for Australia.

"The results speak for themselves - a finish atop the medal tally with 178 medals won and a win over our greatest rival England."

Phillips also noted the "pragmatism" of the CGA request.

"Our ask of the Federal Government is pragmatic and considers the national financial position, cost of living and other pressures experienced by Australians," he added.

CGA chief executive Craig Phillips has called upon the Federal Government to raise funding levels to ensure the success of the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images
CGA chief executive Craig Phillips has called upon the Federal Government to raise funding levels to ensure the success of the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

"We are not naive enough to believe sport funding should take precedence over other critical investment, but instead acknowledge that this investment extension by 12 months accounts for just 0.08 per cent of the AUD$105.8 billion (£57 billion/$70 billion/€65billion) forecast to be spent on health in this financial year.

"A post-Games research paper published by the Australian Sports Commission confirms that 18 million Australians (more than 70 per cent of the population) watched, listened, or read media coverage about the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

"Critically, 67 per cent of these people reported that they saw something that made them proud or want to participate in sport.

"The 12-days of competition topped the YouGov Global Sports Rankings, generating the most buzz of any sporting event in Australia last year, eclipsing the FIFA World Cup, the Australian Open, the NRL State of Origin and the AFL Grand Final.

"By investing in the success of the Australian team, we will achieve the one thing locals and visitors alike will remember - the successful delivery of the first-ever regional Commonwealth Games led by an all-conquering Australian team."

CGA's submission also details the need for immediate funding of Games-time services for the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

This includes guaranteed entry to Australia for appropriately accredited persons with a valid passport, and assistance in delivering anti-doping measures for the Games.

The CGA's call comes after Australian Olympic Committee chief executive Matt Carroll warned that the country risks failure at its home Olympics in Brisbane in 2032, because of a claimed AUD$2 billion (£1.1 billion/$1.3 billion/€1.2 billion) funding shortfall.

Carroll expressed concern over a decline in Federal Government support for investment in sport, and called for the creation of a stand-alone Federal Department of Sport and national "statement of purpose for sport".