The NOCs of Iran and Pakistan met in Tehran ©Iran NOC

The National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed Pakistan Olympic Association secretary general Mohammad Jahangir to Tehran for a meeting on strengthening ties.

Jahangir was welcomed for the discussions by Mahin Farhadizad, the vice-president of the Iranian NOC, at the governing body's headquarters.

A major topic on the agenda was the first edition of the International Nowruz Games for Women which took place in Tehran earlier this month.

Pakistan was among the 20 countries to take part at the event, which featured more than 500 athletes and nine sports.

Iran and Pakistan share a border and are now looking for improved sporting relations.

"Iran and Pakistan have always had friendly and very good relations with each other throughout history," said Farhadizad.

"These good relations exist among sports, too, and we were happy to see female athletes from Pakistan participating at the recent Nowruz Games.

Women's sport was a topic for discussions between the Iranian and Pakistani NOCs ©Getty Images
Women's sport was a topic for discussions between the Iranian and Pakistani NOCs ©Getty Images

"We believe the favourable relations between the two countries in the field of sports should be expanded, and we are ready to host various sports teams of Pakistan. 

"We should also increase cooperation between our two NOCs."

Jahangir added: "I am very happy to visit Iran and I congratulate the President of the Iran National Olympic Committee for successfully hosting the Nowruz Games where Pakistani women also participated.

"In Pakistan, women play an active role in sports, on the field as well as off, with nearly 35 per cent of executive and managerial positions in our sports federations and associations being held by women."