The WCF has created two new working groups dedicated to diversity and sustainability ©Getty Images

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has created two new working groups related to diversity and sustainability, while appointing three new members to the Competition and Rules Commission.

Helena Lingham is to lead the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee with fellow Board member Kim Forge acting as a representative on the working group.

Content manager Emily Dwyer is to act as staff support.

India's PN Raju, Ireland's Eoin McCrossan, Canada's Roselle Gonsalves, China's Li Yawen, Brazil's Mariana Baptista and Japan's Terri Johnson are members on the Committee too.

Media manager Mariann Bardocz-Bencsik is staff support on the Sustainability Committee, which is to be chaired by Forge, with Toyo Ogawa representing the Board.

Heather Mair and Kathy Henderson from Canada, Bruce Crawford of Scotland, Wu Meng from China and Kalocsai van Dorp from The Netherlands will act as members on the Sustainability Committee.

The WCF also unanimously appointed Hans Frauenlob from New Zealand, Susan Kesley from Scotland and Japan's Yuhei Kusei to the Competition and Rules Commission, joining the seven already sitting.

Paul Ahlgren from Sweden, Katja Kiiskinen of Finland and Canada's Nolan Thiessen were elected recently - with all six sitting on the Commission for a four-year Olympic cycle.

Tyler George is one of the members on the Competition and Rules Commission ©Getty Images
Tyler George is one of the members on the Competition and Rules Commission ©Getty Images

Hugh Milikin chairs the Commission, which also has fellow Board representative Graham Prouse, head of competitions Eeva Roethlisberger and Tyler George from the Athlete Commission.

To avoid elections taking place in the year before or after the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, a decision was also made to push back Athlete Commission elections to 2024.

Two female athlete representative positions are up in 2024 - with one two-year term and the other lasting four years.

A mixed doubles and men's representative are also to be elected for four-year terms too respectively.

In 2026, a female, male and a wheelchair curling representative are to be elected, with 2028 having elections for male, female and mixed doubles athletes.