These companies are to work with Tennis Australia at its events ©Getty Images

Tennis Australia's Australian Open StartUps (AO StartUps) programme has announced the eight companies part of its inaugural edition.

AO StartUps allows start up companies pilot new technology at the Australian Open and across Tennis Australia's other events.

Australian software company Amperfii are joined by food data group Calyx, compression clothing specialists CAPE Bionics, equity consultants Equidi, booking technology platform MATCHi, AI-based text-to-video technology company Recut, virtual reality app YBVR and sports metaverse brand Xtadium.

Tennis Australia head of innovation Machar Reid said there was a "diverse" group of companies.

"When we called for applications, we were inundated with companies across the globe seeking to be part of the inaugural AO StartUps portfolio," said Reid.

"The benefit of having such interest is now a diverse set of startups working across our business.

"We have Cape working with our National Academy, Equidi with our people and culture team, MATCHi with our tennis and padel participation team, Calyx with our sustainability team, Recut with our communications team, YBVR with our media team and Amperfii with our data and analytics team.

"It's pushing our innovation agenda at Tennis Australia and at the same time providing us great investment opportunities for the future."

Companies participating in AO StartUps will be provided the chance to prove their business models in real-time and directly access some of the largest sports and entertainment events associated with Tennis Australia.