Finnish radio host Janne Saarinen is aiming to compete at Milan Cortina 2026 ©FIL

Finnish radio presenter Janne Saarinen is aiming to compete at the Winter Olympic Games as a luge athlete.

On his show on Suomipop, Saarinen announced that he wanted to make Finnish sports history and qualify for Milan Cortina 2026.

He believes that he would have the best chance of taking part at the Games if he did luge, and decided it was the right sport after having previously spoken about the Finnish national team and the level of the sport.

"If you're listening, send a sled here to the studio," Saarinen had said on his show.

"I will get a medal from Italy in three years.

"It's not that hard."

To his surprise, Finnish Luge Federation President Jani Tilvis called the studio and said, "We are in a training camp in Sigulda, in Latvia."

Speaking on air he said: "I thought we could talk, if you are interested in talking, we are there.

"You might even win the first medal for Finland, if you are serious, there is a small chance that you will make it to the Olympics in three years.

"You have to train like crazy and work hard!"

Saarinen promised Tilvis that he would try to get plane tickets to Latvia, where the Finnish lugers train, and explained that he would have the opportunity to travel to the training camp after the working week.

Finland has never had a luger compete at the Games but Saarinen vowed to change that as he arrived in Sigulda to begin his training.