Zhao Xintong has been charged alongside nine other Chinese snooker players ©Getty Images

World number nine Zhao Xintong and top-20 player Yan Bingtao are among 10 Chinese snooker players involved in a match-fixing scandal to be charged by the integrity unit of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA).

Charges between the players include fixing matches, approaching players to manipulate matches and betting, in what is the sport's biggest corruption scandal to date.

None of them are able to play or attend the World Snooker Tour, as well as any other WPBSA-sanctioned competitions, until the case has concluded.

An independent disciplinary tribunal is to hold a formal hearing at a venue and date yet to be confirmed.

Zhao, who won the 2021 UK Championship and 2022 German Masters, has been charged with match-fixing and betting, the same as Yan, the 2019 Riga Masters and 2021 Masters champion.

Liang Wenbo was the first player to be investigated ©Getty Images
Liang Wenbo was the first player to be investigated ©Getty Images

Liang Wenbo was the 2016 English Open champion and the first to be implicated in the investigation in October.

He was charged with fixing matches and approaching players to fix matches on the World Snooker Tour, seeking to obstruct the investigation and failing to cooperate with the WPBSA investigation.

The others involved in the investigation are Li Hang, Lu Ning, Zhang Jiankang, Chen Zifan, Chang Bingyu, Zhao Jianbo and Bai Langning have all been charged with match-fixing too.

Li and Lu were also charged with approaching players to fix matches, seeking to obstruct the investigation and betting on matches.

Zhang faces betting charges, as well as failing to report approaches made to him.