Jon Thomas, founder and executive director of Tap Cancer Out, has praised the success of this year's Global Grappling Day ©Tap Cancer Out

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu charity raised $1.3 million (£1 million/€1.2 million) in 2022 to help fight cancer and support survivors of the disease.

Jon Thomas, founder and executive director of Tap Cancer Out, told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that the charity secured the funding after staging 21 events over the past 12 months that featured 7,752 participants.

Among the beneficiaries of the fund-raising efforts include Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology, Camp Sunshine, the American Brain Tumor Association, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and Pink Ribbon Girls.

"The impact that the BJJ [Brazilian jiu-jitsu] community can make in the fight against cancer never ceases to amaze me," Thomas told the Jiu-Jitsu Times.

Thomas also hailed the success of the Tap Cancer Out’s virtual Global Grabbling Day that raised more than $209,000 (£172,000/€194,000) thanks to the support of 492 fund-raisers and 103 ju-jitsu academies.

"Global Grappling Day has quickly become one of our most impactful events of the year," added Thomas.

"It continues to unite our BJJ community across the world.

"Fund-raisers from six different countries took part, competitors and non competitors alike, without the nerves and other obstacles of a competition setting.

"Just teammates and friends getting together to make a difference.

"It’s always special to see our competitors and fund-raisers changing the world through the sport they love.

"I have no doubt they’ll lift us to new heights in 2023."