DOSB has expressed happiness with the the Government's energy help ©Getty Images

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has welcomed "critical" federal help over energy prices, after a survey found 1 in 20 clubs felt threatened by the surging costs.

The announcement of measures by the Bundestag follows a DOSB survey of more than 5,000 clubs that showed more than five per cent felt an acute threat to their existence and more than 40 per cent saw themselves exposed to severe effects of the energy crisis.

"These price brakes for natural gas, district heating and electricity will also benefit the approximately 87,000 non-profit sports clubs in Germany and provide much-needed relief at the grassroots level of sport, especially for clubs with their own sports facilities," the DOSB said in a statement.

DOSB welcomed the funding assistance, caused by the surge in energy costs ©Getty Images
DOSB welcomed the funding assistance, caused by the surge in energy costs ©Getty Images

"Finally the relief measures of the federal Government are also reaching the sports clubs," said DOSB board member for sports development, Michaela Röhrbein.

"These funds are urgently needed because, despite our commitment, sport has so far been left out of all aid packages.

"That is why it is now also important to additionally cushion the special cases of hardship.

"The federal Government has waited a long time and the situation is already critical in many clubs."

The DOSB survey, which was partially released in October, also showed that more than 15 per cent of the clubs had already had to increase their membership fees to combat rising energy costs.

"There is a risk that access to sport and exercise will be made more difficult, especially for people with low incomes," said the DOSB in the survey.

"It is now all the more important that the sports club landscape is strengthened overall after the difficult pandemic period and that even more people are enthusiastic about sports and exercise in the clubs in the long term through suitable offers and framework conditions.

"This also requires the support of the federal, state and local Governments."