India is set to send a two-person team to Paris for training camp inspections ©Getty Images

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Executive Council is now looking to send delegates to Paris to inspect pre-Games training camps for the 2024 Olympics, following the change of power in the National Olympic Committee.

New IOA President PT Usha met with the Council yesterday, stating two of its members - vice-president Gagan Narang and joint secretary Kalyan Chaubey - will go to the city.

"The recce would be done in phases, with the phase 1 focusing on Pre-Games training of the athlete in Paris, finding out the distance of various venues of respective athletes, availability of hotels and distance and in between competition strategic accommodation and meals planning for the participating athletes," read an IOA statement.

"The detailed Paris recce will be focusing on identification of pre-Games training venues and study will be done on the following aspects to identify training venues: distance from Games village to venue for all sports, details of venues of all the sports, accommodation for support staff not staying in the Games village, Indian restaurants/Indian food availability, take requirements from National Federations and visit the venues for all sports, check pre-event training venues."

PT Usha was elected the IOA President on Saturday ©Getty Images
PT Usha was elected the IOA President on Saturday ©Getty Images

Weather and training facility similarities will be considered when selecting the best venues for the teams to train at.

It is expected that the Indian Mission in France will also be involved to assist the team's preparations.

IOA vice-president Rajlaxmi Singh Deo, joint secretary Alaknanda Ashok and Executive Council members Amitabh Sharma, Harpal Singh, Rohit Rajpal, Dola Banerjee and Yogeshwar Dutt also attended the meeting, which was held soon after the IOA elections.

Usha became the first female IOA President on her election on Saturday (December 10), succeeding Narinder Batra, who stood down in July, citing personal reasons. 

These elections were held under the supervision of Supreme Court-appointed retired judge L Nageswara Rao, due to continuous governance issues in the country, which led to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) giving the IOA a "final warning" in September at an Executive Board meeting.

The IOC Session in Mumbai was postponed as a result.

It is expected to be held in September 2023.