The LA Metro's Purple Line extension is expected to be ready in time for the Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images

Construction on a section of a subway line which is expected to improve transport for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics has been stopped due to safety concerns.

The $2.4 billion (£2 billion/€2.4 billion) Purple Line extension is due to be completed by 2027 - just one year before the Games are scheduled to be held in the Californian city.

However, work on the western part of the line has been shut down for two weeks after several workers sustained injuries.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a total of 32 injuries linked to the project have been recorded since July 2021, with 13 of those requiring medical attention.

LA Metro officials claimed in a letter sent to project contractor Tutor Perini O&G (TPOG) that there was an "ongoing pattern of safety issues that have not been adequately addressed" and "continued to persist unchecked".

"For almost two years, Metro has written letter after letter expressing concerns with safety issues on the project and the number of recordable incidents and preventable accidents that have occurred," the letter read, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

"For whatever reason, TPOG has been unable or unwilling to take proper steps to address Metro’s safety concerns and the situation continues to get worse as illustrated by the number of recordable injuries since that time."

Dozens of workers on the Purple Line extension are reported to have suffered injuries since July 2021 ©Getty Images
Dozens of workers on the Purple Line extension are reported to have suffered injuries since July 2021 ©Getty Images

LA Metro spokesperson Dave Sotero added: "Safety is and will always be our first priority.

"The safety of those building our county’s transportation projects must always be protected.

"We expect the contractor to improve its safety policies and to demonstrate its full compliance with all of Metro’s contract safety requirements before we allow work to continue."

US President Joe Biden underlined the importance of the extension of LA Metro's Purple Line, also known as the D Line, when he visited Los Angeles earlier this month.

"The transit system needs an upgrade, badly," said Biden.

"You know that.

"You need to connect more neighbourhoods, ease traffic congestion, air pollution and make it easier for people to get around and where they need to go.

"That’s exactly what you’re doing.

"It’s funded in part by this infrastructure law, and local taxes.

"This project, the extension of Metro’s Purple Line, it’s going to cover one of LA's busiest areas and job centres from UCLA and many sites of the 2028 Olympics."