Ngā Puna Wai is among the "amazing facilities" Phil Mauger wants to put to use in a Commonwealth Games bid ©Getty Images

Christchurch has elected a Mayor who wants to bring the Commonwealth Games back to the city.

Phil Mauger won this month's vote for the top role at Christchurch City Council and staging the Commonwealth Games is one of his long-term goals.

The New Zealand city held the multi-sport event in 1974.

Hundreds were killed and thousands of buildings critically damaged in a severe earthquake in February 2011.

Following a decade of rebuilding, Mauger says the city is "right on the cusp of absolute stardom" and an ideal place for the Commonwealth Games.

"What I really want to do is get the Commonwealth Games back here," Mauger said.

"Normally a city does Commonwealth Games and it breaks them because they’re financially ruined. 

"We don’t need to do that because all our stuff is here and we could do it as a whole country if you wanted to - you could send the cyclists off down to Invercargill because they’ve got a brand new velodrome down there. 

"We could spread the love around a bit."

Christchurch's Te Kaha Stadium could become a Commonwealth Games venue if Mayor Phil Mauger gets his way ©Christchurch City Council
Christchurch's Te Kaha Stadium could become a Commonwealth Games venue if Mayor Phil Mauger gets his way ©Christchurch City Council

Given Christchurch has no obvious venue for staging track and field, a country-wide bid - something outgoing New Zealand Olympic Committee President Mike Stanley floated in 2021 - may be more suitable.

Sports Minister Grant Robertson said in July that New Zealand's Government was conducting "preliminary analysis of the feasibility of hosting" the Commonwealth Games.

Mauger claims Christchurch has "amazing facilities like Hagley Oval, Te Pae, metro sports, the new stadium, Ngā Puna Wai, and the Town Hall."

Christchurch's new stadium, Te Kaha, would likely be the focal point of any Commonwealth Games bid.

It is due to have a seating capacity of 30,000 for sporting events, but the multi-use arena will not have the capacity for an athletics track.

Te Kaha's design incorporates a roof for year-round use and fixed rectangular turf.

Christchurch City Council is spending NZD453 million (£231 million/$261 million/€265 million) on the venue, while NZD220 million (£120 million/$126 million/€128 million) of Government money has also been allocated.

New Zealand has held the Commonwealth Games three times, with Auckland playing host in 1990 and 1950.

Hamilton in Canada is the frontrunner for the 2030 edition, which would mark 100 years since the inaugural British Empire Games - which later became known as the Commonwealth Games - being held in the same city.