Brisbane 2032 President Andrew Liveris said he believes the Sunshine Coast is "Games ready" ©Getty Images

Brisbane 2032 President Andrew Liveris has claimed that the Sunshine Coast is "Games-ready", after a Board visit to the Queensland region.

Members of the Organising Committee's Board toured Olympic and Paralympic venues and local businesses on the Sunshine Coast to hear from local community members, First Nations peoples, local Olympians and Paralympians and industry representatives about their aspirations for Brisbane 2032.

The region, situated approximately 100 kilometres north of the main host city Brisbane, is due to host the athletics and road cycling events, mountain biking, football and basketball matches and Formula Kite sailing at the Olympics in 10 years' time, as well as the marathon and cycling at the Paralympics.

Liveris expressed confidence in the Sunshine Coast's ability to stage events at the Games following his visit.

"It's been a real pleasure to have the Board up here and certainly, hearing from some of our key Board members here including of course the [Queensland] Premier [Annastacia Palaszczuk]," he said.

"This visit has been amazing.

"I think you're Games-ready actually."

The Brisbane 2032 President also claimed that the usage of facilities on the Sunshine Coast represented an example of adhering to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) New Norm, which ties in with the recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020 and aims to provide host cities with increased flexibility.

"I know you've got a few things to build, but this is just from a spirit point of view, the Sunshine Coast is showing us what it looks like in the New Norms, and when the IOC came they were impressed," Liveris said.

"I can see why.

"In fact the New Norms is really meant that the Games fits the region rather than the other way around, the region fits the Games.

"That is really the spirit of what we're doing here, and so it's not just a cost centre, it's actually an enterprise that will generate jobs, it will generate economic wellbeing.

"This is just an impressive, impressive region in terms of hosting the Games.

"And so first class, world class, and more to come."

The lack of inclusion of the Mayors of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast on the Organising Committee has proved a contentious issue.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has claimed that he and his Sunshine Coast counterpart Mark Jamieson were not planning to join Brisbane's bid until IOC vice-president and then-Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) President John Coates urged them to back it.

Brisbane is set to become the third Australian city to host the Olympic Games in 2032 and the second to stage the Paralympics.

In July, the AOC marked 10 years to go until Brisbane 2032, launching the "green and gold runway" to the Games.