A grant has been given to support the Commonwealth Games' volunteering programme ©Getty Images

A grant of £40,000 ($44,300/€‎45,500) has been awarded by Spirit of 2012 to the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee to aid the future of the Commonwealth Games' volunteering programme.

The donation is designed to allow the Organising Committee to exploit the rise in volunteering when it works with existing bodies in the West Midlands, as well as to form a more permanent programme for Birmingham and the wider region.

Such a scheme will be established through a set of recommendations - which are expected at the end of the year - after a consultation with volunteers, potential volunteers and volunteering organisations.

"There were many stars of the show during Birmingham 2022, but none bigger than the Commonwealth Collective," Birmingham City Council Leader Ian Ward said.

"Our volunteers showed the world how generous and helpful the people of our city can be - and those who were a part of the Collective have skills, qualities and experience that can now be used for the good of Birmingham in the future.

"This new platform will enable them and others to play their part in supporting a wide range of projects, further strengthening the legacy of our Commonwealth Games."

Ian Ward said the new volunteering programme would strengthen the legacy of Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images
Ian Ward said the new volunteering programme would strengthen the legacy of Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images

Spirit of 2012 is also expected to coordinate with the Organising Committee until the end of the year, passing on lessons of setting up and maintaining volunteering programmes in other locations.

"This year is the 10th anniversary of London 2012," Ruth Hollis, chief executive of Spirit of 2012, said.

"As a nation, we’re still talking about that summer, with 65 per cent of people saying that the effects are still being felt 10 years on.

"But there was an opportunity at the time, that many feel was lost, to really capitalise on the spirit of the Games Makers.

"We’ve learned a lot since then, and together with the Organising Committee, we are determined not to lose the opportunity we have here for Birmingham and the West Midlands."