The European Taekwondo Union has joined forces with KPNP ©ETU

The European Taekwondo Union (ETU) has signed an agreement with Korean brand KPNP which will become the organisation's second protection scoring system (PSS) partner.

An agreement already exists between the ETU and Spanish company Daedo International, but KPNP is recognised by World Taekwondo (WT) and used at the World Championships.

Daedo will remain as the exclusive PSS provider and main sponsor for all G4 level events in Europe, as well as the European Championships.

But KPNP will be used for Para taekwondo events in Europe, and at a new event to be organised by the ETU, when the deal kicks in next year.

"This new cooperation better reflects the reality that World Taekwondo has initiated on the world stage of PSS providers," the ETU said in a statement. 

"There are two PSS systems in the world recognised by WT."

Two PSS partners are recognised by World Taekwondo ©Getty Images
Two PSS partners are recognised by World Taekwondo ©Getty Images

Sakis Pragalos, the ETU President, added: "The reality is that the World Championships and some major Grand Prix and other WT sanctioned events are serviced by KPNP. 

"Also, the Cadet and Junior World Championships were serviced by KPNP. 

"Our European athletes should be able to train, compete and learn to fight with both systems."