Birmingham 2022 chief executive Ian Reid is overjoyed by the number of tickets sold for the Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

Birmingham 2022 chief executive Ian Reid has claimed ticket sales for the Commonwealth Games exceeded expectations after more than 1.5 million were sold.

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the English city and West Midlands region over the past two weeks to watch the Games.

Although admitting the Organising Committee had yet to receive the overall figure for ticket sales, Reid claimed he believes venues were more than 90 per cent full during Birmingham 2022.

"We have now sold over 1.5 million tickets which is above where we projected to get to," Reid said.

"I don’t yet have the final statistics with percentage of capacity as we were still selling tickets for final sessions [yesterday].

"For the majority of venues, it will be over the 90s.

"We are very much in the region of this being the biggest and most successful Commonwealth Games."

More than 4,500 athletes competed at Birmingham 2022, which ran from July 28 until yesterday when the Closing Ceremony took place at the Alexander Stadium.

A total of 19 sports were played with competition held across the West Midlands as well as track cycling in London.

"I am hugely proud after 11 days of competition here in Birmingham," Reid reflected.

"The whole city and region have really embraced the event.

"Walking around Centenary Square, Victoria Square and Smithfield you just see throngs of people engaging with the event and thoroughly enjoying it.

"I would like to say thank you to the volunteers who are a real credit to the city and the region in giving everybody a warm welcome and of course the athletes who have produced some incredible performances across all our sport.

"I could not be more proud of all the team and a huge thank you to the CGF [Commonwealth Games Federation] for putting their faith in the city of Birmingham."

The Commonwealth Games attracted large crowds over the past two weeks in Birmingham and the West Midlands ©Getty Images
The Commonwealth Games attracted large crowds over the past two weeks in Birmingham and the West Midlands ©Getty Images

Reid believes Birmingham 2022 has achieved its goal in putting the "city on the map", claiming the Commonwealth Games will lead to "much bigger and greater things".

"You hear about the [Birmingham City] Council leader [Ian Ward] and the [West Midlands] Mayor [Andy Street] talk about it being the start of a golden decade for Birmingham and the West Midlands," added Reid.

"That will undoubtedly include an appetite for other major events and [has] given them real confidence to do so.

"It also demonstrates how powerful these major events are in terms of bringing together the city and the region.

"We know there are discussions about various events moving forward.

"I think this city is very much in the spotlight and I have no doubt that will generate huge amount of tourism footfall and economic benefit."