The Balkan Sambo Federation held an open competition for cadets this month ©FIAS

Balkan nations have competed at a sambo tournament in Sofia catering for the regional nations and its young athletes over two days.

The Open Balkan Sambo competition was open to cadet athletes in the capital of Bulgaria, with six other nations participating.

These were Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

"This tournament has become the most powerful sambo sporting event in Bulgaria for this age category," said Dimitar Dimitrov, chairman of the Association of Bulgarian Sambists.

"The competition was attended by representatives of 12 Bulgarian sports clubs, as well as strong foreign sambists. 

"It was a great celebration of sports, which all participants and spectators liked very much."

Six other nations took part in the tournament ©FIAS
Six other nations took part in the tournament ©FIAS

He also noted that Bulgaria is ready to contribute further to the development of sambo.

Dimitrov also presented certificates of honour to the widows of famous sambists Oleg Pavlikenov and Ivan Doktorov, recognising their achievements.

There are plans to make the tournament annual and named in honour of Doktorov, who died a year ago.

This decision was approved at the Balkan Sambo Federation Congress.