The CPE has extended its partnership with Aldi until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games ©Getty Images

The Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) has renewed its partnership with German supermarket chain Aldi until Paris 2024, committing the two parties to continuing a project providing nutritional advice to the country's Para athletes.

The collaboration is part of Aldi's aim to promote the importance of nutrition in sports performance and extend knowledge to the public as part of a commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle among its customers.

Aldi funds nutritional services offered to Para athletes as part of the sponsorship agreement. 

"The renewal of this collaboration agreement is part of our commitment to nutrition and health, as a leading company in the food sector," said Valentín Lumbreras, chief executive of Aldi Spain.

"In addition, being able to work with the Spanish Paralympic Committee, with whom we have already spent two years sharing values such as effort, teamwork and self-improvement, is a source of pride and an honour for the entire team that forms part of Aldi.

"Our purpose is to be able to continue helping athletes to have the best nutritional plan to achieve and improve their sporting goals in the next Paralympic Games and continue developing a nutritional legacy for sport and society."

The CPE's deal with Aldi, which began in 2020, gives its athletes access to a high-performance sports nutritionist ©CPE
The CPE's deal with Aldi, which began in 2020, gives its athletes access to a high-performance sports nutritionist ©CPE

Since the CPE and Aldi first partnered in 2020, more than 100 Spanish Paralympic athletes are said to have benefitted from the agreement.

It is based on the service of a high-performance sports nutritionist who works with the CPE to guide and advise athletes in their preparation for competition through personalised diets, nutritional programmes and individual monitoring.

"Aldi's relationship with the Spanish Paralympic Committee goes beyond conventional sponsorship," said Miguel Carballeda, President of the CPE.

"And it is that, in addition to the economic collaboration, Aldi takes care of the nutrition of our athletes so that they reach the great national and international competitions in the best conditions.

"They joined us in 2020, on the way to Tokyo, and as is often the case with the sponsors of the Paralympic family, once they enter, they stay, and now they join us on the way to Paris."