Nine nations competed in The Netherlands Open Sambo Championship ©International Sambo Federation

Ukrainian refugees of all ages have been offered the chance to take part in free sambo training in three cities in The Netherlands.

The campaign, which comments that no experience is required for potential competitors to take part, is being headed by Jelle Businman, Mykel Claasen and Frank Nigbis who are leading the sessions in Amersfoort, Venray and Ommen respectively.

Recently, Ommen hosted The Netherlands Open Sambo Championship after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Athletes from the host nation, Belgium, France, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Israel. Lithuania, and Switzerland attended the competition.

The winners from the girls and boys categories through to the seniors were dominated by Germany and The Netherlands.

Jessica Linder, who won the 54kg discipline, was Germany’s sole gold medallist in the women's seniors.

The Netherlands claimed three golds through Sacha Buwalda, Sem van Dun and Amber Weiland securing the titles in the 59kg, 65kg and +72kg divisions.

Belgium’s Victoria Bolohan, who competed in the 72kg, took the final gold medal.

In the men’s, Germany and The Netherlands split three golds each.

Denis Kirpichenko, Jannick Wenzel and Catalin Postica were the German victors in the 64kg, 71kg and 79kg disciplines while Danny Bastens, Nick Kellty and Max Welten were responsible for the hosts’ golds through their triumphs in the 79kg, 98kg and +98kg categories.

The Netherlands dominated the women’s youth age range thanks to Bo Steffers and Esther Kleinlugtenbelt securing the 65kg and 72kg titles.

The men’s version saw Israel lay claim to their own dominance with the 50kg, 58kg, 64kg and 71kg golds going to Nehora Shabtay, Yonatan Hodos, Nikiel Shabaev and Yanay Kadosh.

The only title Israel failed to win was the 79kg, which was handed to Leco Terpstra of The Netherlands.

However, Israel swept the girls cadets as Sapir Schindler and Anastasia Demchenko took golds in the 50kg and 65kg.

The boys cadets had a much more balanced picture after the hosts, Israel and Lithuania achieved two golds each.

Competitors at The Netherlands Open Sambo Championship ©International Sambo Federation
Competitors at The Netherlands Open Sambo Championship ©International Sambo Federation

Milan Peeters and Ruben Singerling of The Netherlands finished top of the 46kg and 53kg while Israel’s Sharel Harel and Vlady Polotsky went home with the 49kg and +79kg titles.

Lithuania’s Nikita Bigisev and Julius Vaisvila were triumphant in 58kg and 71kg.

Julius Blajenschi of France was the final victor in the boys cadets’ 64kg discipline.

While Germany’s Felina Bengardt won the girls’ 52kg. the Germans dominated the boys age group thanks to Roman Airich, Roy Berger, Felix Bengardt, Maxim Bierich, Bart Scholten and Maxim Derkach winning the 26kg, 38kg, 44kg, 49kg, 58kg and 71kg categories.

Singerling became the 32kg champion as compatriot Bart Scholten achieved gold in the 53kg.

Lithuania’s Augustus Sabaliauskas won the 35kg title and France’s Roy Berger took home the 36kg gold.