Qatari women have achieved great performances at an international level ©Getty Images

The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has celebrated the international Women's Day by introducing a new campaign called Super Women, which aims to emphasise the accomplishments of inspirational women in Qatar.  

Qatari female athletes also participated in Qatar Foundation’s International Women’s Day Run the World event that was held yesterday at one of the finest parks in Qatar, Education City’s Oxygen Park.

The Super Women campaign has the purpose of showcasing the achievements and prospering stories of all women in Qatar.

Super Women also highlights the generations of Qatari women and their memories of work and sports.

"We are proud of the achievements we made in supporting women in sports, but we look forward to more," said HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al-Thani, QOC President.

"There are so many inspiring examples of female athletes in Qatar who have reached the top and it is important they are celebrated and that we pave the way for more to follow in their footsteps."

Sheikha Asma Al Thani, director of marketing and communication at QOC said that they managed to achieve "great successes" in many other sectors including politics and media, but she argued that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Qatari long jumper Bashayer al-Mnawari shared her experience of being supported through her entire career path, which led her to participate at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

"As an athlete I was lucky to have the support of my father who always encouraged me and pushed me forward," she said.

"From a young age he used to drive me to track and field practice and helped me gain the confidence to do my best.

"He also supported me through college and was always there when I needed him.

"In athletics I idolised Qatar’s track and field legend Talal Al Mansour who mentored me throughout my career and provided me with moral support.

"Recently I was lucky enough to reach a dream of mine which was participating in the Olympic Games when I competed at Tokyo 2020."

Amna Al Fadala, Qatar’s Paralympic fencer has also expressed appreciation.

"I’m grateful to be the first Qatari female Paralympic fencer," she said.

"I wouldn’t be able to represent my country without the support of the Qatar Fencing Federation who saw my talent and made sure to provide me with the necessary training facilities and programmes."

Additionally, H.E Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani completed the world's biggest triathlon in Hamburg, Germany, while Sheikha Al Hanouf Al Thani broke nine national records in different races at the London Marathon in 2021.

Other female personalities highlighted are the sports journalist and broadcast presenter, Leila Smati, well-known Qatari hurdler Mariam Farid and the first Qatari ‘Ironwoman’, Lolwa Al-marri.

Qatari women's outstanding success in sports is a result of the heavy investment Qatar has made in the sector.

The country aims to continue encouraging women to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle through a variety of sports initiatives such as the Qatar Women’s Sport Committee.