A partnership has been announced between GAMMA and MSM PR & Communications ©GAMMA/MSM

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) has announced a partnership with MSM PR & Communications.

It is hoped the deal will increase the visibility of the organisation while shaping and amplifying its messaging.

GAMMA also wants the partnership to help "cement its role as the world's leading amateur MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Federation".

MSM is based in the Olympic capital Lausanne and has served as a PR and communications agency for International Federations, National Olympic Committees, teams, athletes and sports brands.

Work has included delivering multi-sport events and helping sports bid for a place on the Olympic programme.

"As our global initiatives continue to increase, it is important for us to ensure that our stories are being told in a way that not only raises awareness of GAMMA and amateur MMA but also reflects our values and mission," said GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt. 

"Partnering with MSM was a natural choice for us as they are fully aligned with our vision. 

GAMMA wants to cement itself as the "world's leading amateur MMA Federation" ©GAMMA
GAMMA wants to cement itself as the "world's leading amateur MMA Federation" ©GAMMA

"We look forward to a fruitful relationship together."

GAMMA hosted its Asian Championships in Kyrgyzstan last month, and will host its World Championships in December.

In November, the European Championships will take place.

"MSM has been a huge fan of MMA for many years, so we are excited to partner with GAMMA on its journey to further develop the sport at the amateur level," said MSM chief executive Andrew Mitchell. 

"We are impressed with the vision of the GAMMA leadership and its plans to grow the sport in a professional and sustainable way. 

"From a communications standpoint, we know exactly what's required to get GAMMA where it wants to go."