Lucerne 2021's cross-country skiing competition is set to be held in Andermatt-Realp ©Getty Images

The head of the Andermatt-Realp wing of the Lucerne 2021 Organising Committee, Beat Jörg, wants the event show off the canton of Uri's tourism sector and insists preparations are going well.

Andermatt-Realp is set to host the cross-country skiing competition at Lucerne 2021 later this year, and with Lucerne more than an hour's drive away from the Urseren Valley, athletes will be housed in Andermatt.

Jörg, who is also the director of education and culture for the canton's Governemnt, has an eye on how the area can benefit from hosting part of the Universiade, which is set to be held from December 11 to 21.

"The Urseren Valley and the canton should increasingly be experienced and perceived as a unique Alpine sports and leisure paradise with a modern hotel industry and gastronomy," said Jörg.

"From a sporting point of view, the highlight is the relay race, and from a social point of view, the big closing party in the concert hall.

"What I am eagerly anticipating is a great competitive atmosphere in our magnificent mountain world of Uri.

"I am convinced that the athletes, the support staff, the volunteers and the guests will experience the Urseren Valley from its most beautiful side."

Lucerne is set to be the second Swiss host of the Winter Universiade ©Getty Images
Lucerne is set to be the second Swiss host of the Winter Universiade ©Getty Images

To meet standards for cross-country skiing training and competition, the trails at Andermatt-Realp were laid out and homologated in 2020.

"We must level the ground where the containers will be positioned, build the changing rooms and slightly improve the cross-country ski trail in certain places," added Jörg, explaining what still has to be completed.

"We are also fine-tuning the details of our staff's work schedule."

Lucerne is set to be the second Swiss host of the Winter Universiade, after Villars hosted the second edition back in 1962.

Competition was delayed from January 2021 to December because of the coronavirus pandemic.