Delegates from Naples 2019 and Chengdu 2021 discussed the successes of the 30th Summer Universiade during an International University Sports Federation debrief ©FISU

A Summer Universiade debrief has given Chengdu 2021 organisers food for thought, as the International University Sports Federation (FISU) highlighted the successes of Naples 2019.

A team of seven FISU leaders and critical functional area directors from Naples 2019 passed on their experiences from the 30th Summer Universiade as general co-ordinator Adam Sotiriadis cited internal communication and collaboration as indispensable ingredients.

In his closing address in Chengdu, in western China, Sotiriadis said: "Now you are wiser after your visit to Napoli and these fruitful days during the debriefing.

"You have heard from our distinguished colleagues and beloved - I can say eternal - friends, the wonderful journey has started already. 

"Now you go into deeper waters."

In Naples, 220 medal events were held over 12 days of action as 6,000 student-athletes took on 18 sporting disciplines.

Chengdu organisers are aiming to use the Universiade in two years as a way to position the city as an Asian sports hub.

The city has 16 million residents and 1.5 million university students.

The Naples sports management team discussed the functional areas of sport operations, venue management and transportation.

They also looked at workforce, food and beverage, knowledge management as well as media services and communication.

They explained the elements of command, control, co-ordination, and internal communications as vital cogs in a successful mission.

Chengdu was awarded the Summer Universiade in March and Sotiriadis pressed the essence of time in preparing for a Games at short notice.

Naples was awarded the Universiade late after the withdraw of Brasilia as the 2019 host.

"Time is ruthless," said Sotiriadis.

"Time cannot stay at our will, time runs. 

"And timelines are coming, sooner than you can imagine. 

"You must fight to make the timelines to deliver a timeless event.” 

Naples 2019 general coordinator Adam Sotiriadis offered plenty of insights for Chengdu 2021 during his debrief of July's Summer Universiade ©FISU
Naples 2019 general coordinator Adam Sotiriadis offered plenty of insights for Chengdu 2021 during his debrief of July's Summer Universiade ©FISU

Sotiriadis was joined in Chengdu by director of media, digital and broadcast Antonio Gnassi, food and beverage manager Valentina De Mari, games services director Vincenzo Genovese and sport and operations director Roberto Outeirino.

Francesco Furno, head of venue management, and Matteo Gambuto, head of transport, were also present.

Summer Universiade director Marc Vandenplas praised Chengdu's organisation of the meeting and the support China's National University Sports Federation (FUSC) had offered in hosting top-level competitions.

He also made special mention of the Ekaterinburg 2023 Summer Universiade's presence at the debriefing. 

Delegates in Chengdu were treated to a night-time tour of an ancient Hakka town, which finished with a hotpot dinner and Sichuan Opera performance.

"The lessons of hosting a great event like the Summer Universiade have seeped into the sharing and exchanges we have had with you all these days," said Sheng Gang, Chengdu 2021's deputy director.

"Different cultures and distinct stages of our lives, and yet here we all are in Chengdu. 

"We are brought together to practice the philosophy of FISU - today's stars and tomorrow's leaders. 

"The hope of the Summer Universiade is the hope for Chengdu: a new future for our people. 

"We salute in the work to come; we are invested in making the 31st Summer Universiade a world-class event that brings in a bit of our distinct Chengdu flavour."

Chengdu 2021 will be held between August 8 to 19.