The Chizhovka Arena will host judo and karate action during the European Games this June ©Minsk 2019

The final stage of preparations at the Chizhovka Arena, set to host judo and karate at the 2019 European Games in Minsk, is due to begin on May 1, sports facilities manager Oleg Kuchmasov has announced.

From the start of May work will begin to install LED lights and "necessary banners" at the multi-purpose arena.

The work will be done nine months after a test event was held at the venue, in August last year.

According to Kuchmasov the European Judo Open was hailed as a success by the European Judo Union.

Karate action will begin at the European Games on June 29 ©WKF
Karate action will begin at the European Games on June 29 ©WKF

“The rehearsal went well in August 2018," Kuchmasov said.

"A lot is already ready for the Games.

"We need to work a bit more on zoning the arena into [a] training area, the awarding and competition zones.

"It was decided that a training camp for young judokas from all over the world will be organised at the arena during the second European Games.

"The European Judo Union will cover all travel and accommodation expenses of young athletes."

Judo action at the Minsk 2019 is due to go ahead from June 22 to 25 and the karate competitions on June 29 and 30.