The Gay Games has been declared closed in Paris ©Gay Games

A traditional dance gala brought the 10th Gay Games to a close in Paris.

Participants adopted a manner of different costumes before performing a variety of dances spanning different generations in the gym Japy.

This included rumbas, quick step and cha cha cha.

Aside from the traditional sports programme, other highlights included the "pink flamingo" aquatic dance gala which forms the finale to each edition of the event.

The Games, first held in San Francisco in 1982, seeks to "combat discrimination, promote the recognition and freedoms of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) people and promote information on HIV/AIDS, drug use and other risks".

Some participants come from countries where homosexuality is still a crime.

A total haul of 12,700 athletes attended competitions held in 67 venues in and around Paris.

Competitors were still largely split into male and female categories, although other elements, including changing facilities, were gender neutral.

Hong Kong is due to host the next edition of the Gay Games in 2022.

Taiwan has also expressed interest in forming the location for the following edition in 2026, which is not due to be awarded until 2021.