Chin-Yung Lee was the first Torchbearer in Yunlin County ©Taipei 2017

The Torch Relay for the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade has started the V section of its LOVE route.

Starting in Taitung County, the flame moved to Pingtung County, Kaohsiung City and Chiayi County before heading to Yunlin County.

Alongside the Relay, a series of events were held to celebrate the Torch being on the island as it makes its way to the Opening Ceremony of the Games, taking place on August 19 at the Taipei Municipal Stadium.

It will continue to burn until August 30, when the Closing Ceremony is scheduled to happen.

Among the events held as part of the Torch Relay was a hand puppet performance organised by the Department of Education of Yunlin County Government.

Shu-Ying You carrying the Taipei 2017 Torch ©Taipei 2017
Shu-Ying You carrying the Taipei 2017 Torch ©Taipei 2017

The South of the Clouds, an orchestra consisting of pupils and teachers from Xingchang Elementary School, also did a performance as part of the Relay.

Among the Torchbearers were Magistrate Chin-Yung Lee, who was the first of the runners in Yunlin, and Shu-Ying You, who chairs the High School Sport Promotion Committee of Yunlin County and is principal of Dounan Senior High School.

Zhi-Heng Kuo, a former athlete and current President the Sport Association of Yunlin County, also carried the Torch.

The Relay will see the Torch go through 22 counties and cities around Taipei.