British Paralympic curler Michael McCreadie trained the new nations at the camp ©Getty Images

Four new national wheelchair curling teams have been created following a training camp backed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

The event held in Slovakia's capital Bratislava was run by the Agitos Project, the development arm of the IPC, and brought together 32 male and female players and coaches from Hungary, Israel, Romania and Slovenia.

All four nations now have national sides, with trainers at the camp coming from established curling countries Canada, Denmark and Scotland.

Hosts Slovakia already had a national team and served as mentors, with participants taught the basic regulations of the game, strategies, techniques and history.

The countries also had the chance to play each other while Canada’s Chris Bowden and Denmark’s Per Christensen, as well as Great Britain's Paralympian Michael McCreadie, were among those to guide the sessions.

Wheelchair curling is hoping to increase its exposure ahead of the 2018 Paralympics
Wheelchair curling is hoping to increase its exposure ahead of the 2018 Paralympics ©Getty Images

“I am tremendously excited to be involved as part of the coaching team of this Agitos Project, being able to put something back into this sport that I love,” said McCreadie.

The camp is part of the sport's plan for further exposure ahead of the 2018 Paralympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea, with the new sides now set to compete in World Curling Federation events during the 2015-16 season.

“It’s an honour to be teaching countries the sport of curling here in Bratislava," said Bowden.

"To be able to deal with the challenges of interactive communication has been a wonderful opportunity.”

Christensen added: “It is a good training camp because it gives the coaches the possibility to impart their knowledge and the participants to benefit from it amid the pleasure of enjoying the art of curling and to have great fun.”

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